SASIDHARAN PILLAI FOUNDATION WELFARE TRUST (12A and 80G certified), named after a professor who dedicated his life teaching in the backward region of India with limited access to knowledge, established itself as a premier Vocational Skill development & livelihood Training Destination, which focuses on providing various job ready employment linked skills training for the economically & socially challenged youths of India.
We aim to serve as a bridge between education and industry by providing skills that are sought after by the industry by delivering quality training across India at a time convenient to the students. This helps the students get better placement and the industry to get better trained employees, productive from the very first day.

SASIDHARAN PILLAI FOUNDATION WELFARE TRUST has been promoted by ORION PEST SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, is the most trusted and reliable company providing the best pest control solutions in India. Established in 1998, Orion Pest Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008, 14001:14004 certified company and is a 

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SPFW TRUST focuses on five key areas:

Corporate Training Program for Up skilling / Knowledge enhancement

Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership

Vocational Education & ICT Based Training Services

Higher Education

Government Sponsored various Placement Linked Training