Account Executive

An Accounts Executive is a person appointed by a company, who is responsible for maintaining its vendor’s accounts, making periodic payments to vendors, ensuring there is no lapse on account of making payments to the concerned parties, maintains customer’s accounts, ensuring that all collections are realized periodically, thereby managing the occurrence / incidence of bad debts.

Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator

Business Correspondents (BCs) & Business Facilitators (BFs) are representatives appointed by banks to act as their agent and provide banking services in remote locations where the bank does not have a presence in order to promote financial inclusion. The fundamental difference in the role of the BC and BF is that BCs are permitted to carry out regular transactions for customers on behalf of the bank.
BFs are only responsible for spreading awareness related to banking and bank’s products, assisting the bank in business generation activities and recovery of bad debts. However, they do not undertake any cash transactions.